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April 18, 2013
by Admin

The Profession of Being a Teacher

Male teacher teaching french language to teenage students in secondary high school classroom. Image shot 02/2009. Exact date unknown.A teacher refers to a person responsible in imparting lessons, guiding, instructing and training a person or group of students in a particular academic knowledge or skill. Being a teacher is a professional occupation usually employed in formal schools and institutions. Some colleges and universities require teachers who have professional qualification.

For informal learning such as for purpose of home tutor or for special skills, the teacher is called a tutor. This profession may also require credentials. There are also teachers for religious purposes which include lamas, rabbis, gurus and mullahs. Their roles are differing depending on the culture and country. Teachers have specific specializations. They could be more inclined towards academic subjects like math, science or language. Or they could be more into arts and crafts, vocational training or other specific subjects. Continue Reading →

April 18, 2013
by Admin

Educate Children the “Fun Way” with Inquisitive Teacher Supplies

Female_Teacher_IT_Class_Formal_245_0Teaching children can be difficult if no one is having fun. Both the teacher and children can be miserable. That’s why so many teacher supply stores have opened on the Web in recent years. Many teachers have discovered that adding a few inquisitive (and fun) educational supplies to their classrooms brings better learning and a happier atmosphere for years and years. You can make learning fun for your students and improve morale for an entire classroom using just a few of these.

Success Training that’s not “Boring”

Find teacher supplies that bring learning to life. What’s better – reading from pages in a book or seeing the real thing? Children today are programmed to learn from what they see and hear. They watch television and videos, they play video games, use computers, etc. All these activities focus on seeing and hearing – not reading. Sure, children must learn to read their school curriculum. But why not add some interesting visual objects to the classroom to enhance what they are learning.

Here are some examples:

*Spanish Class:

For an elementary Spanish class, give each child a Spanish beanbag. Have them read some Spanish text or memorize some words, and then allow them to shake the beanbag when they know the answer to a question. Another idea for this class is to teach them some songs in Spanish and let them make up simple skits using the Spanish language.

*Math Class:

If you teach an elementary Math class, use flash cards and have students compete to see who can tell the answer first. Students love games and competitions! You can also divide them into teams and give the winning team a reward.

*History Class:

For older students, use study slides with important events to teach dates, places and names in history. These help to simplify the memorization process when many dates and events must be studied for a test.

*Algebra Class:

If you teach an algebra class, you understand that some kids love it, some hate it. There are great books for teachers and parents to show you how to help all students learn algebra. One example is the helpful book titled “Helping Students Understand Algebra Step by Step.”

*English Class: For elementary English students that are just learning to read and write, use Phonics programs to boost learning. These have been proven by experts to work for years.

All these classroom supplies and learning materials can usually be found easily at an online teacher supply site. And, there are many other classroom supplies and teacher resources to aid you such as congrats stickers, charts and seals, crowns, reward ribbons, teacher’s aid DVDs, posters, maps, games, projectors, classroom furniture, etc.

Helping Children Strive to do their Best

Using unique educational supplies, you can actually boost the morale of your students and create a great learning atmosphere. This helps you interact with students and get to know them one on one. You can help them achieve success in your class and many others to come. Use these products to create an environment where kids can excel. Set individual goals for each student on a weekly basis. Reward them for reaching their goals. If possible, have a set “game day” once a month where you and the students play a game just for fun. They will love you for it!

April 18, 2013
by Admin

Importance and Benefits of Teacher Supplies

feature_occasional_LucieCharbonneauImportance of Teaching Supplies

The teaching supplies are used by tutors for classroom that helps in aiding them and students in their pursuit of education. There are numerous teaching products which are as important as the syllabus for a student. These are basically unique instructional teaching tools that provide ease in creating genuine interest of learning with the help of these exceptional materials. There are many forms and methods of teaching which are adopted by several teaching institutions.

These methods have benefited the students as well as the instructors. Teacher supplies with specialized tools and equipments in one teaching method that demands total involvement of learners of any grade. These attract them to take up the class seriously and provide a fun learning experience for students and educator. These educational goods as well as other educational learning materials guide how to learn well, and make the students more clear while they are learning.

Useful & Popular Teaching Equipments

With distinctive teacher supplies any subject can be made innovative, like math assignments may require students to use specific measurements to build towers or boxes. There are other teaching materials like pre-made lesson plans, calendars, worksheets, and grading materials. These materials can also be used for subjects like geography to create a sculpture of an island or land mass. Several living experiment teaching equipments including plants, aquariums and terrariums can also be in the schools.

These teach children liability and the various cycles of life. Living experiments are very popular provisions used in almost every teaching institution today. Materials like grading materials pre-made lesson plans, worksheets and calendars are must in every class. There are few stationary items which include craft and art goods like scissors, paper, glue, pencils, will offer children the chance to be creative. These make any school subject of any grade inspiring and resourceful.

Different type of teaching equipments varies a lot in every given function. There are few basic items or teaching tools which are required all through a semester or school year. These are stuff that includes pens, pencils, notebooks, binders and folders. Many types of craft equipment are introduced to children in elementary or middle school for different activities. These include glue, colored pencils, stickers, stamps, crayons, cardstock, construction paper and markers. Craft tools like stickers and stamps are also helpful for grading.

There are organizational teaching tools also available for higher grades, which are planners and calendars. Any of this equipment helps them to keep track of lesson plans and activities. The classrooms are often filled with stuff and storage is a major concern, hence a decent size bag or tote is considered as an important teaching supply. This will provide overall assistance to carry all the materials they might need for class, from essentials like calendars and notebooks, to craft provisions.

Saving Money While Buying Educational Tools

There is a huge amount of investment done to get the right educational equipments, and these sometimes poke a really big hole in your pockets. Buying the best equipments from the best teacher supply store is a key concern and even without obtaining a hole in the wallets. Stagger shopping for educational tools is one of the best ideas. This will provide an idea of the market, and even few essentials might be on sale on one week while some might be the other week. One can also look for coupons or shop online for provisions or can also prefer quality over quantity. One also should act clever and meet up the entire instructors who may just require the goods for their class as properly. By doing this you will end up with a lot of cash in your hand and can purchase objects in bulk and can get decent discounts for the same purchase.